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Since 2003, Diabetes Week has been bringing you the latest news about prevention and treatment of diabetes. Now, in addition to our own reporting, we will draw on the resources of our sister site, Diabetes Drug Report, to bring you even more news about approaches to treatment of both type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

  Diabetes Week News for March 2007

Diabetes Drug Saxagliptin Seen on Track for FDA Action in 2008

  Diabetes Week News for February 2007

FDA Action on Diabetes Drug Galvus Delayed Pending Additional Study
FDA Delay on Acomplia May Lead to Approval for Treating Type 2 Diabetes

  Diabetes Week News for January 2007

Diabetes Pain Drug Cymbalta Linked to Impaired Blood Sugar Control
Eli Lilly Acquires Rights to Experimental Diabetes Drug for Type 2 Diabetics
Diabetes Drug Byetta Approved for Use With Actos and Avandia

  Diabetes Week News for December 2006

Diet Drug Acomplia Also Seems Promising Therapy for Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes Now Affects 240 Million People Worldwide, According to New Data
Trial Data to Show Diet Drug Acomplia Can Help Control Type 2 Diabetes

  Diabetes Week News for November 2006

Diabetes Drug Actos May Help Prevent Liver Complications
Novartis Says Galvus Not as Effective as Older Diabetes Drug Metformin
Merck's New Diabetes Drug Januvia Off to Strong Start in U.S.
Type 2 Diabetes Drug Byetta Approved for Use in Europe
Metformin Seen Effective as Therapy for Normal and Overweight Diabetics
Novartis Says FDA Action on Approval of Galvus Delayed Until February
Actos Seen Helpful in Preventing Thickening of Artery Walls
Mexico Approves Diet Pill Acomplia for Use in Treating Type 2 Diabetes
Trials Pending of Topical Antibiotic Treatment for Diabetic Foot Ulcers
Malaria Drug May Improve Blood Sugar Tolerance, Lowering Diabetes Risk
Takeda Abandons Drug Aimed at Treating Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Periodontal Therapy Helps Patients With Type 2 Diabetes

  Diabetes Week News for October 2006

Merck's New Drug Januvia Approved for Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
Duloxetine Seem as Effective Treatment for Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy
Seniors With Diabetes Far More Likely to Die From Cardiovascular Disease
Benefits of Actos for Treating Type 2 Diabetes Seen as Unclear
U.S. In Crackdown on Sale of Products Misrepresented as Diabetes Cures

  Diabetes Week News for September 2006

Study: Diet Pill Xenical (Orlistat) Aids Glucose Control in Obese Diabetics
FDA Seeks Longer Trial of Lilly's Drug for Diabetic Retinopathy
Avandia Results Encourage, Altace Disappoints in Large Diabetes Trial
Modern Blood Pressure Drugs Seen Reducing Type 2 Diabetes Risk
Lack of Sleep Tied to Poor Diabetic Control Among African-Americans
Precose Seen Not Delaying Progression of Type 2 Diabetes
Diabetes Drug Actos Lowers Risk of Second Stroke

  Diabetes Week News for August 2006

Researchers: NovoNorm May Be Safer Than Glyburide for Elderly Diabetics
Low-Fat Vegan Diet Seen Better for Treating Type 2 Diabetes
Chromium Supplements May Help Diabetics Better Control Blood Sugar

  Diabetes Week News for July 2006

Precose With Exercise Regimen Improves Diabetic Blood Glucose Control
Chinese Medicine Berberine Picks Up Scientic Support as Diabetes Therapy
Type 2 Diabetes Drugs May Reduce Risk of Alzheimer's Disease
New Drug Delays Progression of Diabetic Peripheral Neuropathy

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